Variety Shac Pennant!

high quality

available now
through paypal

$7.50 incl shipping

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Variety Shac

high quality

$12.50 incl shipping


more coming soon

Kitten litter for the home


Freestanding rooster item

Toilet tissue.

Would your child enjoy a toy truck? Available.

A framed family photo of a family. (Gold tone ONLY—leftward up to rightward slanting diagonal ONLY.)

Two pinwheels (small). NOTE: TWO LEFT IN STOCK, sold "as is."

Oops! I guess this young lady just bought herself a hammer.
Please don't horse around with the merchandise. Thank you.

Multi-purpose "barely there" invisible tape. It is see-thru.





A waterproof wrist bracelet

Cup collection for parties / meals!

Adult Sippy Cup

Cookie (chocolate chip ONLY—gingerbread SOLD OUT—as is OATMEAL RAISIN!)

Depiction of a rooster. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.

A set of house keys for the home.

String for any need.

Modern art pillow.

Hand Rooster

Mail and marshmellows.