“Must tell you, I LOVED the show. Absolutely  LOVED it-- fun, mixed up, kooky. I was beaming  the whole time, no shit. I will be back and drag  even more friends.”

 “Your movies are so funny! I spent all morning on the  crack up train because of you guys! I hope I can  come see your show soon. TGIF! Friendship! Friday!  Xo”

 “Oh my god I love those little videos.”

 “The tone, the look, the editing, the MUSIC! they are  all so perfect! PLEASE MAKE MORE FASTER!”

“just checked out that new variety shac road trip video, very funny, I watched it on the roof of a hotel across a satellite uplink from Tyre, Lebanon where i am at the moment covering the war for NBC news. Just thought youd get a kick from that, Me and 5 lebanese refugees watching Road trip on my dell.”

“Hi Variety Shac girls, Really love your movies and want to know if you have a NYE show lined up or something. My wife and I and a bunch of friends are meeting in NY for New Year's and want something great to do, and I'm guessing if you guys are up to something, it would be great. This is an odd email, out of the blue, but we are FUNNY as hell and love to laugh. Hope we get to see you live sometime.”

“Hi wanted to let you know that my husband & I LOVED your short!! It is Fantastic! Have a great holiday season and Happy New Year!”

“Please add me to your mailing list. Love your blouses.”

“I just sat and watched every single one of your “shorts” on your website. I was worried, what if I don’t think these are funny- I was laughing so hard I was crying. Well, now I am addicted and need you to make more please. I must come in and see you perform!”

Subject: hooray for y'all

“I've been working at Lucky magazine. What I want to know is, how did
you get into my office and film with no one noticing???”

“dude i just got back from a rough job in spain and this makes me laugh. hope to see you soon. by the way i love that gossamer blouse.”

“ok extremely retarded and extremely funny = extremely enjoyable!”

“another great show last night i'm so happy to be in nyc right now we're going through a cultural renaissance and you guys are making a big contribution to that one day, i'll be able to tell my punk grandkids ‘i was there’ and now i have the t-shirt to prove it (green)

“my baptist minister friend and his 13 yr old daughter wanted me to tell you that they really enjoyed your filthy show. Xoxoxoxo”

“Hello! I really enjoy your website and the short films. If I were in New York, I'd definitely come check out the live show. Anyway, the shorts inspired me to write up a script of my own and I want to go about filming it. I was wondering what kind of equipment you guys were using. I'd just be doing it with a few friends in my apartment here in Chicagoland. Any nudges in the right direction would be helpful. Thanks!”

“Your comedy shorts were edgy, hip and hilarious, at once narcissistic and self-unconscious. Interesting and hard to describe.”

“just so you know, variety shac is why i am alive. i am thinking of tattooing your names on my chest.”

“Your doing some hilarious shit! The 3414 sketch was classic......"Boycott!". I need to get my ass out to NY again to see your group perform.”

“Very polished, hilarious stuff (elegant even).”

“The videos are great -- realism to support the absurdity.”

“A regular on the VH1 talking-head rotisserie, Chelsea Peretti is a comedian whose humor hits tart and dry. For the monthly Variety Shac, Peretti has teamed up with fellow comics Andrea Rosen (of Comedy Central’s dearly departed Stella) and the soft-spoken Heather Lawless, along with frequent David Cross opener Shonali Bhowmik, who sings songs planted in Indie-rock. The end product is a mash-up of music, comedy, and film that attracts great guest stand-ups and shakes out more laughs than anything else. For evidence, check out the short films at varietyshac.com especially “Slumber Party,” a goofy, absurdist take on the girly pastime. –THE ONION, VOL 42, NUM 30”

“So, my cousin (who ran into Andrea in the grocery store) made me watch all your sketches like eight times, and then I made my friends watch them like eight times, and now I'm wondering if you want to come to my brother's apartment and see me and two other dudes play Replacements/Police/Talking Heads/Zeppelin songs. And Pixies. And Prince, but only Little Red Corvette, and only if shit gets really out of hand. Shonali, I read somewhere that you like those bands, and they just happen to be what we play, so, you know. I mean, we'll butcher them, but it'll be funny.”

“i like shac, i think i get it now. 4 girls + cuteness + the funny= happy me
thanks for the funny.”

“Chelsea Peretti, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, and Shonali Bhowmik, the four women behind the monthly Tuesday-night Variety Shac at Galapagos in Williamsburg, use it as an opportunity to put up material that wouldn’t fit on a strict stand-up bill. ‘There’s a great blank-slate feel to the back room that allows our show to be whatever it wants to be,’ Peretti says of their eclectic mix of music, short films and monologues. The venue’s booker, Travis Chamberlain agrees. “They have very distinctive voices and aren’t afraid to take risks,’ he says. I appreciate their punk-rock audacity.” —TIME OUT NEW YORK, STUDENT GUIDE 2005

"Four women having a potluck. Office workers trying to meet a deadline. A bake sale, a book club, a visit to the local bodega, and a road trip. These may not sound like anything that would make you spit out your drink from laughter, but that's the genius behind Variety Shac, a monthly comedy show performed by Shonali Bhowmik, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, and Chelsea Peretti (whose first initials give the Shac its name). The interplay between the four wacky comics is perfect, with deadpan Peretti explaining why the two-liter soda she's brought to the potluck is all for her or Rosen trying to make the perfect sign to advertise their bake sale. These unscripted shorts allow each
woman's unique take on their various outings to shine through, highlighting the ridiculousness of these everyday situations. You can catch them live at their monthly show or online, where they present videos like Workout, where the funny ladies sweat it out to a Jane Fonda classic." -- VILLAGE VOICE, BEST OF NYC, 2006 (Rachel Kramer Bussel) http://www.villagevoice.com/bestof/2006/category/arts/262

"So why exactly should you care about Shonali Bhowmik, Heather Lawless, Chelsea Peretti, and Andrea Rosen? Well, for starters, their home movies are way funnier than yours. Filmed throughout New York City with friends from the local alt-comedy scene, the Shac's hilarious shorts can be seen either on the troupe's website or when they premiere them once a month in Brooklyn, at their increasingly popular variety show. The ladies also maintain rather busy schedules outside of the group..."
Alternative Press Magazine's Comedy Special Issue, Dec 2006

   Photo by Ali Smith